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OIS&Associates LLC, Coral Gables, FL USA is the Exclusive International Distributors and Sales Team of the technology, Infusion Spiral® for The Barrel Mill in Central Minnesota. Over the past decade, we have been dedicated to cater the promise of sales around the globe. This cooperage is a company that produces a unique, patented spiral design for aging and fermenting alcoholic beverages. Adding Color, Aroma, Taste and Balance to any beverage without the hassle of importation or refurbishing of new barrels-which can be costly as well as a storage compromise. The helical design results in a smarter, faster more efficient way to give new barrel quality wood attributes to Wine, Beer, Spirits and Cider – all at a reduced cost and timeframe.

Why The Infusion Spiral® System Is The Smartest Wood Alternative?

Spiral cuts are made from different staves of wood and precision and consistency of convection oven toasting is applied. This creates a product that delivers, arguably, the most barrel-like results of any wood adjunct on the market. The key is the spiral’s dual grain exposure of woods cross grain and parallel grain. It speeds submersion and extraction of flavor and aroma compounds into liquid. In a matter of weeks or minimal months, you get refined, integrated new wood impact for your beverage.

Since 2004

Where Are Our Woods Sourced?

It is imperative to mention that TIS® is constructed with the highest quality oak or any other desired specific woods from Northern America, France and exotics are selected from exceptional areas around the globe that contribute to the unique character of TIS®.

Our Product is Eco Friendly

Our Infusion Spirals® are considered a sustainable/green product and competitive for today’s market. Traditionally, from one 50 year oak tree only 4 to 5 225 Liter barrels can be produced. That same tree, with TIS® *over 250 sets can be produced. That is 250 sets with 6 spirals in each. (*)We confirm that one set can treat -at 100% contact- 225 liters, but most producers will gain a positive result with just one spiral insert per 500-1000 Liters - Equating to over thousands of barrels produced without a larger contribution to carbon footprint from the cooperage.

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